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Shanghai Kaisundun Industry Co., Ltd. is a forerunner in the manufacturing field of China solar water heaters and solar collectors. Kaisundun is an international solution supplier in solar thermal utilization and energy-saving technology. In 1990s, at the dawn of solar water heater industry, Kaisundun witnessed the transformation of solar water heater from a mysterious hi-tech product into a household appliance. Meanwhile,Kaisundun has also evolved from a small workshop into an international solution supplier in solar thermal utilization, which boasts of a competitive strength in researching and developing, designing, manufacturing and international marketing.

Shanghai Kaisundun Industry Co., Ltd. has an complete product line of solar water heaters and solar collectors with more than 30 types and more than 100 specific configurations. These products can meet the requirements of users in different regions with different preferences. The annual production capability of vacuum tubes of Kaisundun amounts to 10,000,000 pieces.  The annual production capability of solar water heaters and solar collectors of Kaisundun amounts to 600,000 sets. Kaisundun is also qualified for the designing, manufacturing and installing of solar hot water projects and the central controlling system.

“KAIDUN” and "LONG QUAN" are our brand names for solar water heaters in domestic market, which hold a considerable market share in China. We have formed a nationwide network for distribution and maintenance across 30 provinces. We have established numerous solar hot water projects for community and large-scale solar hot water projects for factories, aqua farms, hospitals, school dormitories and army camps etc.

With stable and reliable quality and high performance cost ratio, our products have been exported to many countries across Europe, America, and Asia, to name a few: Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia (includes Siberia in Far East), Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Kazakhstan, India, Philippines. We even have some clients in Pacific islands like Saipan, and French Polynesia.

Kaisundun has passed the certification of ISO9001 (2000) International Quality System. The products have been approved by the CCC certificate of the China Compulsory Product Certification and the CE Mark of European Union. We have passed the supervision and inspection by the National Center for Quality Supervision and Inspection in five consecutive years. Kaisundun also get quality certificates of National Standards Engineering and Installation.

With the competency and advantages we already owns, Kaisundun cooperates with the leading enterprises in the manufacturing of solar water heaters and solar collectors through shareholding, partnership, joint venture, and technical alliance. We hope to overcome our shortcoming by learning from other's strong points so that we can offer more and better solar thermal utilization products to our customers.

For household use and commercial purposes, the popular new energy mainly includes three types: solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind-powered electricity generation. Kaisundun is an expert in solar thermal utilization, we also extend our business to photovoltaic and wind generator so that we could offer one-stop purchase service to our clients.  

Kaisundun—Expert of Solar Water Heater!

Kaisundun—Energetic Energy-saver!

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