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Industry News
Solar Water Heater Energy-Efficiency [2017/1/12 8:50:25]
For a solar water heating system, using the solar energy factor (SEF) and solar fraction (SF) to determine its energy efficiency. Thesolar energy factor is defined as the energy delivered b...
Типы солнечных водонагревателей [2017/1/12 8:49:44]
Солнечные водонагреватели могут быть активного или пассивного типов. Активная система использует электрический насос для циркуляции жидкости через коллектор; пассивная система не имеет насоса и пол...
Solar Water Heaters and Their Components [2016/9/21 9:42:26]
Solar water heaters are devices that use energy from the sun to heat water. Solar water heating is used around the world. It...
Highly efficient absorber surfaces [2016/8/22 14:52:02]
Absorbers are usually black, as dark surfaces demonstrate a particularly high degree of light absorption. The level of absorption indicates the amount of short-wave solar radiation being absorbed t...
Sketch of a heat pipe collector [2016/7/15 8:38:11]
In this type of vacuum collector, the absorber strip is located in an evacuated and pressure proof glass tube. The heat transfer fluid flows through the absorber directly in a U-tube or in counterc...
Sketch of a flat-plate collector [2016/6/13 9:36:53]
A flat-plate collector consists of an absorber, a transparent cover, a frame, and insulation. Usually an iron-poor solar safety glass i...