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U-Pipe Vacuum Tube Solar Collector KD-SC-UP

Working principle:
U-pipe vacuum tube solar collector consists of U-shape water pipe, insulation layer, highly-absorptive vacuum tube and frame, etc. The U-shape copper is inserted in the vacuum tube with the upper end comes beyond the end of the vacuum tube. The aluminum fin for transferring heat is fixed on one standpipe so that the water temperature of this standpipe becomes much higher than that of the other side, the temperature difference results in a pushing force of water current. As there is no water in the vacuum tube, so if one tube breaks, the solar collector can still work properly. As for the medium liquid for heat transferring, anti-freezing liquid is a good choice. It enables this solar collector works properly all year round in regions with severe winter. The solar collectors can be jointed in serial or parallel. The working pressure is 0.6 MPa. There is no restriction to the direction of the vacuum tube, so the vacuum tube can be placed vertically or horizontally. The system is easy to install and easy to maintain. If an additional controller is installed, the whole system can operate automatically. U-pipe vacuum tube solar collector has the advantages of good circulation, high heat-exchanging rate, no risk of tube-breaking and leaking.

A) Vacuum tube: borosilicate glass 58 x 1500mm;58 x 1800mm
B) Heat pipe: red copper
C) Metal heat absorption wing: aluminum alloy
D) Joint box: aluminum alloy/stainless steel
E) Bracket: aluminum alloy / galvanized steel

A) Material: rock wool or foam polyurethane
B) Thickness: 55mm (Max. preserving time: 72 hours)

  • Working pressure: 0.6 MPa
  • Testing pressure: 1.2MPa
  • Hail resistance: Ø 25mm
  • Certificate: ISO9001: 2000 / CE
  • 3 years international quality guarantee
  • Packaging: vacuum tube / carton, manifold / carton, joint box / carton, bracket / carton

KD-SC-UP Technical Date

Model Aperture Area( ㎡) Volume(L) Gross weight(kg)


Loading Qty(sets)

KD-SC-UP 58/1800-10 1.31 100L 42 140/300/340
KD-SC-UP 58/1800-15 1.97 150L 63 92/200/228
KD-SC-UP 58/1800-20 2.62 200L 84 70/150/170
KD-SC-UP 58/1800-25 3.49 250L 105 56/120/136
KD-SC-UP 58/1800-30 3.93 300L 126 46/100/112