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Solar Collector / KD-SC-FP

Flat Plate Solar Collector KD-SC-FP

Working principle:
Flat Plate Solar Collector is the key part of the flat plate solar water heater. It consists of absorber, cover glass, insulation, and shell. The metal absorbing plate with coating is welded on the red copper pipe. The cold water or the medium liquid is heated when running through the pipe. The transparent cover glass allows visible light to pass through and blocks the the far infrared. It means the sunlight can pass the cover glass and reaches the absorber to produce heat, but the far infrared resulted from the radiation of heated absorber is blocked and kept inside. In this way, the heat loss is reduced. And the heat-absorbing efficiency and the temperature of the absorber can be increased. There are usually three kinds of coatings: black selective coating, black chrome coating and blue tinox titanium coating. In areas with winter temperature above 0 ℃, system of direct-heating of cold water is applicable, but in areas with winter temperature below 0 ℃, the user could input medium liquid in the system to heat cold water indirectly as an alternative.

A) Cover glass: transparent toughened glass
B) Absorber core: copper and aluminum complex or all copper
C) Pipe: red copper
D) Shell/bracket: aluminum alloy / galvanized steel

A) Material: rock wool or foam polyurethane
B) Thickness: 35mm

  • Absorbing rate: 95%±2%
  • Radiation rate: 4%±2%
  • Transmittance of cover glass: >92%
  • Max. working temperature:120-160
  • Working pressure:0.8 MPa
  • Testing pressure: 1.2 MPa
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Hail resistance:φ25mm
  • Certificate:ISO9001: 2000 / CE 证书
  • 3 years international quality guarantee
  • Packaging: absorber/ carton, bracket / carton

KD-SC-FP Technical Date

 Type Items KD-SC-FP 2.0/AC KD-SC-FP 2.0/AC KD-SC-FP 2.0/AC
Width (mm) 2000 2000 2000
Length (mm) 1060 1060 1560
Thickness (mm) 70 80 90
Cross Area (m2) 2 2 2
Absorber Area (m2) 1.766 1.748 1.748
Weight (Kg) 32 33 35
Capacity (L) 2.22 2.22 2.22
Test Pressure (MPa) 1.8
Working Pressure (MPa) 1.2
Dia. Of Jointsφ(mm) φ25
Working Temperature -35~200 ℃
Medium Air, Water, Anti-freezing Liquid, Oil
Coating I. Black selective; II. black chrom;III. blue tinox titanium

Note: The flat plate solar collector with all copper core features high efficiency and easy installation. The system is pressurized, so the system is suitable for split pressurized solar water heater or solar hot water project.