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Solar Water Heater
Solar Collector
Solar Heating System
Heat Pump Water Heater
Solar Panel
Wind Turbine Generator
1. InstallationUnit
2. Techniques of Evacuated Tube
3. Quality Control
4. Techniques of Interior Tank
5. Densely-placed Tubes
6. Anti-shock Patent
Borosilicate Glass Tube Cutting of Glass Tube Sealing of Glass Tube Ends Sealed Outer Tube Coating on the Outer Wall of Inner Tube AL-N/AL Coating Stress Relief Heat Treatment Evacuation of Glass Tube Laser Engraving Logo Vacuum Tube Workshop
Polyurethane Foaming Insulation Pressure Testing of Water Tank Inner Tank Water Tank Punching Machine Exporting Packing of Vacuum Tube Vacuum Tube Workshop Laser Engraving Logo Evacuation of Glass Tube Stress Relief Heat Treatment AL-N/AL Coating